Lockdown2: BS4 Vehicle Registration Date Likely to Be Extended

Lockdown2: BS4 Vehicle Registration Date Likely to Be Extended

While addressing the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared an augmentation of country lockdown till May 3, The lockdown was initially expected to traverse 21 days, from March 25 to April On March 27, , the Supreme Court had given a ten-day extension for the sale and registration of BS4 vehicles post the lockdown ie. April 15 , but with the current extension, the Regional Transport Office RTOs will be unable to register new vehicles as they remain closed till the May 3. According to records accessible to the court, there are 1,05, BS4 bikes, 2, BS4 passenger cars, and 2, BS4 commercial vehicles that are yet to be sold. With respect to the new offer of BS4 vehicles, the lockdown expansion will simply concede the business window accessible to vendors.

Renew your vehicle registration

Agency Directory Online Services. All vehicle transactions can be done online , by mail, or with a third-party agent. See details. The Division of Motor Vehicles DMV sends license plate renewal notices at least one month before the current license plate expiration date.

If you’re driving a car that’s not registered to you, it’s always advisable to check the registration expiry date. Check registration details for your vehicle or boat. Penalties apply for driving an unregistered Contact Service SA.

Vehicle registration plates in Luxembourg bear a maximum of six characters. The standard series in use today uses a format of two letters followed by four digits e. Marks consisting of four or five digits and no letters are also issued. The numbers are issued at a national level and give no indication of regional origin. Plates have black characters on a yellow background, with the standard blue EU stripe on the left.

The current usage and format of plates was enacted by parliament in June The apparently random order of issue makes it difficult for the uninitiated to determine a car’s age from its number plate. Leading zeros are used on car number plates but small vehicles such as mopeds have miniature number plates showing only two letters and two digits.

Custom plates conform either to the standard format or consist of four or five digits. The scarcity of four-digit numbers means that there is a waiting list for them. There is no market for trading numbers privately. Plates originally comprised digits only.

Vehicle registration plates of Luxembourg

Your vehicle registration sticker displays your license plate number, county of registration and partial vehicle identification number. This customization helps protect you against theft and fraud. Registration expires on the last day of the month shown on your sticker. Stickers for motorcycles are smaller and are displayed in the top right corner of the license plate.

Since March 1, , your current registration sticker also serves as proof of vehicle inspection. Your vehicle must have a current passing inspection to qualify for vehicle registration.

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Please begin the process early to assure that you have the new registration before the current registration expiration date. All registrations expire on the last day of the registration month. About two months before your registration expires, we will mail you a post card to remind you. Make sure you keep us updated on your address changes. Click here to update. If you are a senior and qualify for free registration or you want to apply for permanent registration please come into the office to process.

Online – The quickest, easiest and least expensive way to register is to do so online. Also Business Partners are available to help you in person. By Mail – This is at least a 6 week process so make sure you have enough time to receive these back before you expire. For more information on the Military Process please click here. Normally a vehicle is assigned an expiration date when the vehicle is first registered in Alaska and retains that month when ownership changes.

A vehicle that has been expired for less than a full year is charged the full biennial fee beginning with the month the registration expired, even if an individual has just purchased the vehicle and the previous owner let the vehicle expire, or the vehicle has been parked while it was expired.

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All residents who have obtained Georgia license plates during the current year should receive a renewal prebill the following year to renew the tag and pay the ad valorem taxes. If you do not receive your renewal by 30 days prior to your birthday, call For fast, convenient service, mail your tag renewal and application. Visitors who remain in the state for less than ninety 90 days, and out-of-state students are not required to register their vehicles in Georgia as long as they display a valid license plate from their home state, unless they accept employment or engage in any trade, profession, or occupation in the state, or enters his or her children in Georgia public schools.

If you are coming in from another state you must register in person at the Pierce County Tax Commissioners office.

Within 30 days of the date of purchase, the purchaser must complete an Application for Certificate of Registration (Part 4), including the tax declaration, to register.

Find out more. Most vehicles need to have a vehicle licence before you can use them on public roads. You pay a fee for the licence and you get a vehicle licence label to display on the vehicle. Your vehicle licence is often referred to as your rego, but it’s not the same thing as registration. The registered person is the person recorded on the Motor Vehicle Register as the person responsible for the vehicle. This isn’t the same as legal ownership and the Motor Vehicle Register doesn’t record legal ownership.

Find out more about the registered person’s responsibilities.

Registration Renewals

Learn more. If you cancelled your vehicle’s registration on or after 29 January due to COVID, we have simplified the process for you to re-register your vehicle. Please note: These changes are temporary and will only be in place until 6-months after the COVID public health emergency declaration is revoked. Get a quote for your registration.

Buyer’s name and address;; Date of sale;; Mileage odometer reading (see below​); and What to bring to the agency if you need to title and register a vehicle that was: All documents must be brought to a motor vehicle agency or full service.

The search is only available for vehicles that have been or are registered in the Northern Territory NT. If you are checking a trailer plate — use the leading character ‘T’. For example the below plate would be TA The registration details are provided for the user’s information only. The information provided is collected from vehicle owners and other vehicle registration authorities throughout Australia. While care has been taken to ensure that the information provided is true and correct, the accuracy, completeness and currency of the information provided through the service depends on upon the accuracy, completeness and currency of the information provided to MVR.

MVR does not independently verify the accuracy of the information. MVR makes no warranty as to the correctness of the information provided or it’s suitability for a particular purpose. You can check your registration detail by emailing mvr nt. Find out more about the NT Rego app.


Vehicle registrations expire on an assigned month based on your surname. You can look up your expiry date on the registration expiry date chart. Or, check your licence plate tags or registration certificate. The online site can only be used if you are renewing your registration without changes.

Vehicle Registration Expiration Dates. On initial issuance of the following vehicle classes, the expiration date will be the registrant’s birthdate, an alternate.

Service NS Home. The signature of the registered owner as seller is required on the reverse of the Certificate of Registration Transfer of Ownership. The seller must also fill out the section headed Transfer of Title Certificate of Sale Part 1 and give it to the new owner. The seller must sign the notice of sale portion of Certificate of Registration, indicating to whom the vehicle was sold, and immediately return the Notice of Sale to the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Within 30 days of the date of purchase, the purchaser must complete an Application for Certificate of Registration Part 4 , including the tax declaration, to register the vehicle. Remember — all blank spaces in Part 1 and Part 4 of the certificate of registration must be completed. Part 2 is only to be completed when the vehicle is sold through a licensed dealer.

Vehicle registration expiry date chart

Please enable Javascript! This site uses Javascript for menus and many other features. Please don’t visit a DMV office for a renewal or driver history. We must verify and enter the exemption for Fiscal Year manually. If your expiration date is July 1 or later, renew online or at a kiosk or an emissions station.

Your vehicle registration sticker displays your license plate number, county of registration For example, if your sticker shows a date of 12/20, your registration is valid please see our current registration fee chart at the bottom of this page.

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Your vehicle must also meet basic safety and emissions standards. Here are some answers to common questions about vehicle permits, licence plates and validation stickers. You need to have insurance for your vehicle before you register as the owner. You need to buy insurance from a private insurance company. Collision insurance to cover damage to your own vehicle is a good idea, but not required by law.

While the vehicle is in storage, you can remove the required road, liability and accident benefits insurance.

With if you see a beautiful stranger whilst out and about you can input their vehicle registration number into the site and if they.

JavaScript must be enabled. Enable JavaScript by changing your browser options, and then try again. Registrating a vehicle in New Hampshire is a two-part process. With the exception of Mopeds, all motor vehicles must begin their registration process at the town or city clerk in the town or city in which they reside. If you are a new resident of New Hampshire, please visit our ” New to New Hampshire ” page for more information.

Once residency is determined by your town or city clerk, if you have the title of your vehicle or it is exempt from title you may process the entire transaction at your town or city clerk’s office. If you have an out-of-state loan or are leasing the vehicle, please see the day, temporary plate page. Registering a vehicle purchased from a New Hampshire dealership: If you purchased the vehicle at a New Hampshire retail dealership and are a New Hampshire resident, present to your town or city office the certificate of title, or the blue copies of your title application.

Registering a title-exempt vehicle purchased in a private sale: Present a proper bill of sale pursuant to RSA

How to Get a Car Registration

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