Korea Q&A: Anti-Japan Impregnating, Stealing Foreigners

Korea Q&A: Anti-Japan Impregnating, Stealing Foreigners

Click here to see the original video with English subtitles. Very well done. I thought going to an English books section of a bookstore to find seedy foreigners was just brilliant. I did have one minor issue with it though, and that was the references to penis size at the beginning, which I thought were confusing, unnecessary, and ultimately detracted from the point. Let me refer anyone who is tempted to this definitive post instead! Seriously with the US miltiary occupation I have no idea how any Korean female can seriously get it on with a white guy let alone get married and have hapa kids, hey james, are your kids Korean citizens or did you give them British citizenship? You are a major insult to Koreans and Korean men, and your wife is a clueless whore that needs to go back to college and de-colonize her mind and learn some post -colonial theory, ughhhh gtfo, seriously as a female, i have no idea how your wife can show her face anywhere. Korea with US military and she goes around with some white guy? Yes, I have indeed banned you mockavel, and have deleted all your comments.

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The shocking secret about foreigners dating Korean women or something. Some would say that makes me a hypocrite, as they perceive me defending Koreans who are racist to blacks which I did not do. The video above is attempting to present itself as serious news.

MBC’s The Shocking Reality About Relationships With Foreigners There is also an increase in Korean men dating foreign women but you.

Note: MBC issued a takedown notice to Youtube for the original video, citing copyright violation, but it remained online at Facebook. After the hubbub passed, it seems to have been re-uploaded to Youtube , too. In keeping with the content and spirit of The Daily Show, I am writing you to bring an event to your attention that just might provide content for your excellent program and promote tolerance and understanding in East Asia.

I myself am not a journalist, but I am an American who has worked in education in South Korea and China for some five years now. Racism in the Republic of Korea is nothing approaching what African-Americans endured under Jim Crow laws, but even in South Korea, a robust American ally and liberal democratic republic, the media often warn Koreans about the evils of all things foreign and particularly the lascivious nature of Westerners.

Please forgive a bit of exposition:. This atmosphere of overt bigotry was quietly endured by more cosmopolitan and progressive Koreans and foreigners residing in Korea for years. Hence most expats in Korea and Koreans who long not to be marginalized because of their loves lives or biracial children have followed one of two courses: either that they should remove themselves from the constant petty racism that sometimes manifests much more acutely or to simply bear it with a labored grin and more than a pinch of salt.

When MBC, a major Korean television station, released a report MBC yet again warning against dating HIV infected foreigners and questioning why Korean women are easily tempted to copulate in exchange for exposure to the English language, the backlash was unprecedented. Internationally savvy Koreans, expats and especially international couples in Korea had had enough. They reacted vociferously against MBC, demanded an apology and sought to turn the tides of xenophobia, racism and sexism.

I have been long in getting to the part that is relevant to the concerns of Comedy Central, but part of that reaction feature a bit of satire that is too good to go unnoticed within Korea or internationally. A production studio in Seoul, Brutal Rice Productions, lambasted the original MBC piece in a style familiar to the English speaking world, but largely unglimpsed in Asia. I understand that the world is currently full of stories that an American audience might consume with more of a sense of urgency than identity politics in South Korea.

Transcending Borders

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Shocking and disgraceful. Similarly, gthorstad said, “MBC wants foreigners to be judged based on a few bad apples. reveal (what happened)]” whereas, the subtitle stated, “Most of the victims avoid telling the truth. The line was subtitled “Most of the foreigners who were dating Korean female victims disappeared.

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Racist Propaganda on MBC

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What do you think about Korea’s rape laws and sex offender registry list? The laws were enacted recently and are not retroactive, so only those who have recently been convicted of rape or sexual assault are required to register. Several daily stories with racist and sexist undertones have appeared on No Cut News for the last week, some of which are translated here and here. Let’s discuss some of the problematic ideas propagated in these articles: Basically the No Cut News doesn’t seem to investigate deeply enough to recognize that a Youtube video is just something randomly created and shared among a few people, and not a significant reflection of the views or actions of the majority.

Similarly the book “Making Out in Korean” also exists in at least a dozen other languages This book shouldn’t be characterized as an officially organized plan to “seduce Korean women” as claimed by CBS’Nocut News. While some translations in the book could be used by individuals to sexually objectify men and women alike, it is not part of a common plan among foreigners to use it, which is the context given by No Cut News.

Even in this translated statement, the assumption is that all foreigners believe these kind of sexist and objectified ideas about Korean women, and only after failing to date will realize the truth, however some will constantly cause problems, generalizing about foreigners and indirectly putting pressure on Korean women not to date in order to teach foreigners the so-called ‘truth.

These might be appropriate steps for redress in future incidents, as they have already yielded a some results. We hereby notify you of the result of our review pertaining to your complaint.

Chen exo dating rumors

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Presidential term limits, which were eliminated in , were reintroduced in the revision of the constitution and limit the president to two five-year terms. Elections for the lower chamber of parliament were held in and did not result in significant changes in the composition of the government.

Foreign observers characterized the legislative elections as largely well the reasons for the strike, including the location, date, and start time of the strike, and publication of shocking images or material that demonstrates lack of respect mandate to investigate and establish the truth regarding serious human rights.

To watch the original video, click here. It drew sharp criticism from the local expat community, with protest groups and petitions quickly appearing on and offline. Here Rachel Redfern contributes her own response to the video. Members of the expat community strongly criticized the video for its lack of balance, sensationalized and misleading portrayal of Westerners, and poor journalism in its lack of facts, names, studies, and its over-use of conjecture and hearsay.

While the video only aired in Korea, it has made its way into other countries through word of mouth and, of course, social media and networking. Even the Wall Street Journal picked up the story, focusing on the lack of data supporting any of the claims made in the video, most of which seem unfounded. Granted, a large number of Westerners who come to teach in Korea are in their early to mid- twenties, and with their youth comes enthusiasm and an energy that is easily translated in the classroom and in their excitement about living in Korea.

However, along with that enthusiasm comes the usual activities of youth: relationships, adventure, drinking, dancing, travel, and an eager desire to connect with others. At times there are miscommunications and cultural differences. Regardless, it is objectionable to suggest that foreigners do bad things simply because they are foreigners. There are concerns about the possible implications of this video. Korea has pushed itself with an enormous effort onto the global stage, becoming a powerful economic force, hosting the Olympics for the second time in twenty years in Pyeongchang , and, through K-pop, Korean culture has made its mark internationally.

If Korea intends to invite the entire world to join in the largest of global events, the Olympics, I wonder what kind of welcoming atmosphere foreigners should expect?

Does the media portray foreigners fairly?

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. David C Oh. The research is important because there is a paucity of scholar- ship on White discourse outside the West and because there is limited work on YouTube as a space to articulate and negotiate discourses about racism.

MBC Shocking Truth About Relationships with foreigners (Reupload). , viewsK views. • Jul 25, Share Save.

The short four and a half minute clip a copy of which is below detailed the alleged dangers Korean women face when dating seemingly predatory foreign men. In short, the use of editing, dramatic music and sweeping generalisations in the video would have been quite funny, had it not been for the fact that it was also rather xenophobic. A copy of the video first appeared on Facebook here and, within hours, was shared thousands of times amongst expats and Korean friends alike.

Rumor has it, there are more to come, according to the Facebook group created to campaign against the video that has already been joined by over 8, members. Korean netizens are now picking up the debate, the most heated of which is taking place on Nate. What is particularly interesting is that, while the majority of the comments recognise the generalisations and xenophobia of the original report, the debate seems more divided along gender lines. Just makes you realise some of these differences might be solved over a bottle of soju or two.

From YouTube :. From Nate :. Accompanied by Koreans, there were seventeen of them in total. One anonymous source on the show even claimed that he met a Korean lady who was infected with the HIV virus by her foreign boyfriend. The protesters all agreed that they felt humiliated by the show.

Behind The Comfort Women Controversy: How Lies Became Truth

Masks hold images of pandemic, Hong Kong protests. Life goes on amid coronavirus pandemic Part 8. Comet Neowise in the sky. It won’t be back for 6, years. Thoughts of the Times. By Andray Abrahamian Expats in China have been lamenting the recent media and bureaucratic crackdown on foreigners.

“Inconvenient Truth” is a song in which a man laments about how the way his RECOMMENDED WATCH: ‘Shocking Report: Foreigners Dating coverage of Korean women dating foreign men released by MBC last year.

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MBC’s The Shocking Reality About Relationships With Foreigners

To recap, the producer said the piece intended to portray “Korean women who are out of their sense and get involved in these kinds of affairs” and that “We need to be awakened and try to change this culture. Perhaps ‘Bba’allyuchi’ found a new job? I’m not sure if it’s the same producer or not, but the Joongang Daily published a lengthy article titled “The actual reality of interracial relationships” which asks at one point: “Are white men predators?

Amongst the idea of exo kai dating in japan are a foreigner. Here date a visa! Lozengy mbc shocking truth. Dispatch, they go through. Japan is not the shocking.

This week I look at a young Korean rocker who is hoping to challenge the K-pop industry and what kind of music and image it takes to succeed in it. The nineteen-year-old Juniel has had success in Japan, but is now hoping to penetrate the Korean music scene with her unique style and voice! The finger is waved at a recent documentary aired on MBC entitled: “The Shocking Truth About Relationships with Foreigners” and I take a look at how one Facebook page is uniting those who feel the piece was offensive.

This is Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger. The Hat: Young Rocker stepping up to challenge K-pop! What falls under the “K-pop” banner rarely challenges that which came before it. Flashy dances and bubble-gum lyrics, it’s all too familiar as the industry continually reproduces itself with less and less palpable originality. Nineteen-year-old Juniel thinks she has what it takes to change that though.

This young rising star has been training in Japan for two years where she started performing on small stages and the underground music scene. Her timid and shy demeanour shows a modest young girl who packs a lot of talent and vocal potential. Back in , she won a singing contest in Japan on the show “Niji Iro Supernova in “, which is said to be something similar to “American Idols”.

Her journey into the Korean music scene will no doubt be a tough one. Despite her success in Japan, Juniel has her work cut out for her as the Korean K-pop scene is a little less welcoming to rock that Korea’s neighbours down south.

Shocking Report: Foreigners Dating Koreans Conspiracy! — 충격보기: 외국인과 교제음모!

The MBC broadcast was far from the first to be accused of maligning Westerners living here. The MBC program, he said, marked a new low for a major broadcaster in that regard. Now we have a major broadcasting network saying they are spreading AIDS. So this you basically trace back to a lot of media stories and the famous group Anti-English Spectrum that is quite active in creating stories just like the MBC one. Much media emphasis, too, has been placed on the rising crime rate among foreign laborers from China, Vietnam and other Asian nations.

Last month, the Chosun Ilbo reported that foreigners account for about 8 percent of murders despite making up just 2.

Posts about foreigners written by sinostand. Recently Korea’s MBC ran a program called “The Shocking Reality About Relationships is talking about, the narrator jumps in to say, “Most victims avoid telling the truth.” A few people have tried to talk my girlfriend out of dating me because of the indignity it brings to China.

Shocking new claims involving a nightclub at the centre of South Korea’s K-pop sex scandal have emerged in an investigative report by local media, potentially implicating the relatives of well-known and powerful figures. On Tuesday, South Korean investigative news programme Straight reported allegations of underage sex trafficking and violent sexual abuse of women taking place at Burning Sun, a club in the upmarket Seoul suburb of Gangnam that was co-owned by Seungri, a former member of K-pop band BigBang.

Burning Sun provided secret sites and services for its top VIP clientele – reportedly comprising men from powerful Korean families, including the son of a former politician – to carry out the abuse, Straight reported. The programme, broadcast on the MBC TV channel, reported that numerous women – including underage teenagers groomed for prostitution – were drugged by club employees, before being subjected to violent sexual assault that was so severe, a discreet clean-up crew nicknamed the “incinerators” were on call to remove blood and other incriminating evidence using forensic-grade chemicals.

A police officer tasked with investigating Burning Sun was also alleged to have been in collusion with the establishment. Joo Won-kyu, a writer who spent months visiting Gangnam clubs while undercover, said drugging, sex trafficking, exploitation of underage women, and police collusion in such glitzy areas were commonplace.

What Korean Students think of dating foreigners?

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